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1. Indian Foreign Policy: Annual Survey

(confined to international relations)

The publication gives in brief a survey of India's varied experiences in world affairs from year -to-year.

The  volumes,beginning  with  the  year  1971, would  enable  a  reader  to  have  a  clear  picture of almost all the major events of the year in which India as a member of the world community  was involved  ,either  in  defence  of  its   national  interests  or  in  vindication  of  certain  political  ideals  which  it  seeks  to  defend  in  the  larger  interests  of   human  welfare  and  decent   civilized  living

2. Indian Foreign Policy: Domestic Determinants

(Analysis of Indian foreign policy in context of domestic developments)

The issues of foreign policy impinge on domestic politics and the arrows flow both ways. Indian  foreign policy is no exception.

This  annual  publication  seeks  to  provide  useful  source  material  for  those  who  are  looking  for  a  deeper study of the role of domestic politics in the formulation of Indian foreign policy.

3. Indian Foreign Economic Policy

(Analysis of foreign economic diplomacy)

India’s  focus  on  a  strengthened  and  multi-faceted  relationship  with  other   countries    is  an  outcome  of  the  significant  changes  in  the  world’s  political  and  economic    scenario  since  the  early  1990s  and  India’s  own  march  towards  economic  liberalisation.  India’s  multilateral  economic  engagement  have  widened  and  deepened  during  all  these  years.  Global  Economic  and  Financial  crisis,  food    security  and  climate  change  continued  to  occupy  the  focus  of  discussions in multilateral fora.  The  annual  analyses  India's  foreign  economic  diplomacy   in  search  for  economic   space during the year.

4. Indian Foreign Policy Events Annual

With the international  community viewing India as an emerging global player, its  increasing  diplomatic activities-political, economic and strategic- need to be  chronicled on a day-to-day  basis to develop a body of informed opinion on India’s  foreign affairs.This annual Chronicle  of  Events  covers  events  from  1 January to 31 December of the year.  An  Index  to  the  events is useful to those who are looking for source material for deeper study of Indian foreign  policy.


Indian Foreign Policy -Annual Survey

(1971-2000) 30 Vols.

Indian Foreign Policy-Annual Survey

(2001-2010) 10 Vols.

Indian Foreign Policy and Domestic Politics

(2007, 2008., 2009, 2010)

IndianForeign Policy - Events  Annual 

(2000—2010) 11 Vols.


• Bilateral Relations
• Regional Contacts
• India in International Forums
• Foreign Policy (Generalia)
• Foreign Policy and Defence
• Foreign Economic Policy

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