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Country Specific Studies Diplomatically Speaking (Videos)
Welcome to Foreign Policy Research Centre
Foreign Policy Research Centre, New Delhi, is purely an independent research institute devoted to conduct in-depth study and research on every aspect of Indian Foreign Policy in international perspective as well as in the context of contemporary world developments..

With the international community viewing India as an emerging global player, its increasing diplomatic activities- political, economic and strategic- need to be studied to develop a body of informed opinion on Indian foreign affairs in the context of the developments in international politics.

Current Projects

1.Diplomatically Speaking

A project of video interviews, to be uploaded on social media network, on a weekly basis, based on the experience and vision of those who have devoted the major part of their active life to promote the objectives of India's foreign policy, and have contributed decisively , each in their own way, to the formulation and implementation of the policy. The interviews to bring out the various aspects of India’s diplomatic experiences and policy initiatives and offer insights about the complexities of bilateral relations.

2. FPRC Online Research Internship Program (Voluntary basis)

A 3-month programme for graduate, post-graduate and research students interested in studies on Indian Foreign Policy and Relations.

ForthComing Project

Foreign Policy Quiz Show (13-episode) on Television

A bi-lingual (English-Hindi) quiz show to foster greater understanding of India’s foreign policy among the people,especially the youth. The unique feature of the Quiz Show is the participation of eminent persons who have been associated with formulation (policy makers) , implementation (diplomats), education (academics) and analysis (media persons) of Indian foreign policy. Winners of the show will get Cash prizes.

The Team at FPRC

Dr.Mahendra Gaur
Dr. Indira Gaur
Mg.Editor, FPRC Journal

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